Kari Eckman, DO

Dr. Eckman

Dr. Eckman initially got into Emergency Medicine because of the fast pace and variety of conditions presented. She never thought of doing anything other than medicine. She enjoys not knowing what is coming in the door next and caring for a variety of ailments as it keeps her on her toes. Dr. Eckman has found this niche in Urgent Care as well and is happy to join the Matthews-Vu team in the Downtown Urgent Care.

She is enthusiastic about providing compassionate care and thorough evaluation, diagnosis and management of her patient's conditions to the best of her ability while helping to educate patients on appropriate pathways for treatment of their injuries or illnesses. Dr. Eckman is very interested in pain control and appropriate use of antibiotics as well. She is passionate about providing appropriate care, treatment and pain control.

Dr. Eckman has a very busy household with four children to include a set of twin girls. In her down time her hobbies include, laundry, house cleaning and an occasional nap.